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CHC 2P Canadian History
Instructor: Mr. Robert D'Alessio   
CH2P covers Canadian History from 1900- the present. 

This course traces Canadian history from Wilfrid Laurier’s pronouncement that the twentieth century belongs to Canada to the United Nations’ recognition of Canada as one of the best countries in which to live. Students will learn about various expressions of Canadian identity, the stories of individuals and communities, and changes in political and social structures. Students will discover the importance in historical studies of chronology and cause-and-effect relationships. As well, they will be given opportunities to formulate appropriate questions, develop informed opinions, and present information in a variety of ways.

Gord Downie Canada 150 We Day July 2, 2017
Journal: Censorship
Min. 1 paragraph
To what extent do you think there should be censorship? (Example questions to answer: Do you think the gov't should ban certain books, films, websites (etc)? ​If I own a TV station and you pay me to air an ad, should I be legally obligated to air that ad or can I choose not to if I don't support or agree with your message or product? If I am a late night talk show host should I have the right to make fun of the Prime Minister or President? What controls, if any, should there be over the media? Should there be more censorship? Should there be less censorship? What is your opinion of sexual and/or violent content in TV, films and video games? Which is it more important to control - sexual or violent scenes? Why should they be controlled? Do you think the media can influence a population's opinion on whether or not to support a war? What effect, if any, do you think that sexual or violent scenes on the media have on people? Do you think that countries with more censorship have less violent and sexual crime? Should freedom of speech be absolute or should it be limited? What is your opinion about censoring religious themes? ​Should people of one religion be allowed to say things which believers of another religion find offensive? Should people be allowed to say anything which another person might find offensive for some reason? Should a publishing company have the right to publish a book that tells people how to make a bomb or how to get away with murder? (etc)
May 8/9th work
Chapter 9:

1. p.177 #5-6 (2)

2. Define a) Iron Curtain b) NATO c) peacekeeper d) Arms Race e) NORAD (10)

3. What is the UN Security Council? Is it more or less important than the W.H.O? (2)

4. What did Igor Gouzenko do to protect himself? (1)

5. p.180 #7 (2)

6. International conflict occurred less than 5 years after WWII, a) give 2 examples b) Canada became involved in the war in _____________ (name country) (3)

7. Why do you think people in North Korea tend to dislike or hate Canada/USA? (2)

8. How many Canadians served in the Korean War? (1)

9. #9 (p.183) (1)

Ch.1 & 2 in-class text work
text work Ch.1 &2: p.10 #7, 8; p.12, #9-10; p.16 #12, 13, 14; p.20 #18; p.23 # 21-22; p.25 #24; p.29 #1, 3; p.30 #2; p.35 #5 and #6 (an expository/opinion paragraph can be written in lieu of the "cartoon"), p.41 #10; p.45 (pick # 14 or 15 or 16); p.49 #21;
Remind App
If you would like due dates and important reminders sent to you by text messages throughout this semester, ask your teacher for details about the Remind App.
#TrendThink is our own class hashtag this semester for use in our discussion board and on Twitter to promote social commentary and class-inspired observations regarding social justice and potential paradigm shifts #paradigmshift
General steps to following through on a project

2. Brainstorm ideas

3. Create Outline

4. Conduct Research

5. Revise Outline

6. Conduct more Research

7. Reference Research (

8. Write Rough Draft- turn your outline points into sentences

9. Proofread & Edit

10. Write Final Draft
I too am American
List of Canadian Prime Ministers
Today's essay tip
Be careful with the use of the word "like" in formal essays. We usually use this word to compare one thing to another or as a simile. But it is too informal in an essay to say "...promising to not raise taxes is like promising jobs for everyone." It doesn't matter how logical or clear your point is, you should say: "...promising to raise taxes is comparable to promising jobs for everyone..." "Like" by defintion can only be used in its literal sense. Therefore, you can use it to say: "He likes pizza." "This dog likes cats." "Canadians like hockey." Etc. 
media quote of the day
 ‎"A newspaper is a device incapable of distinguishing between a bicycle accident and the collapse of civilization" - George Will

Submitting files
When submitting work, please make sure that you are using Microsoft Word, notepad, wordpad, or power point... I am unable to open other files such as Adobe/PTF or Word Perfect (etc)
being added as a member of the webpage
 If you add yourself to be a member of the page to be able to participate and receive updates etc, please let me know if you do not receive a confirmation as there are often technical glitches when adding members. Thanks.
Final exam Review
 The review for the FINAL EXAM is now posted. Scroll down to Course files. 
Today there is an important lesson on Ch.13: "Economic Expansion."  Be sure that you are aware, after the lesson, of: the 2011 US Depression, the 1960-1980 economic boom, the oil crisis, private companies/big business (Bell, Monsento, Ford, BP Oil), and the bail-out.
work for this week
Work for the week Dec.20th
1.The following activity will combine all the information that you have gathered and learned about Canadian History in the Twentieth Century thus far. This activity will showcase the information that you found most interesting and important for the growing nation of Canada.
Goal: You have been selected to create the latest advertising commercial for Canada. You must complete an "I AM CANADIAN" presentation to be handed in as a summative assignment. This advertisement is to convince everyone that Canada is a strong, unique, and wonderful country. In your advertisement, you must use at least five Canadian symbols. Your work should reflect the effort of at least 2 full work periods.
Presentation: You will need to complete a speech to be written (you will not have to present it orally).  The speech which will convince the teacher that all of Canada is an independent, strong, and unique country. You must touch on politics, culture, and unique features in Canadian history. Your presentation must be a minimum of 5 paragraphs (which would be a two minute speech in length and contain some visual aids of your choice. You are creating a commercial about Canada. YOU MUST HAVE A VISUAL COMPOENENT.
2. Political cartoon (see handout) (see example p.237)
3. Refer to p.231-241:
            a) Define the Bi and Bi Commission
            b) How many Canadians have French as their first language?
            c) What are Quebec separatists and why do they want to separate from Canada and do you think Quebec will ever separate and if so what would the consequences be?
            d) What did the FLQ want? Outline how President de Gaulle may have contributed to their increasing violence.
            e) Why didn’t Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and Rene Levesque get along?
            f) What was the October Crisis?
            g) What is meant by “Trudeaumania”? Explain why Canadians voted for Trudeau in 1969.
            h) Define Bill 101.
            i) Define referendum
            j) Why was there a referendum in 1980?
            k) Describe multiculturalism
quiz hints
Sample questions for COLD WAR QUIZ: 
1.       What is a cold war? (2)
2.       There are nine countries in the world that have nuclear weapons. Name two: (2)
3.       When the Doomsday clock was two minutes to Midnight in the 1960s during the Cuban Missile Crisis which lasted for 14 days, what bad thing did most people think was going to happen in the world but thankfully didn’t? (1)
4.       Pick one of the following and define: baby boom, death rate, refugees, stereotype, social security, birth rate, credible, NATO (2)
5.       America has influenced our culture in many ways, name one: (1)
6.       People built bomb and fallout shelters during the cold war. Do you think people should now-a-days? Explain.
7.       During the Cold War, what is one thing that American teenagers could do or buy that teenagers in Russia (USSR) could not?
a)       Go to an American artist(s) rock concert like Ozzy Osbourne or Bon Jovi
b)       Buy an American flag
c)       Eat at McDonald’s
d)       None of the above
e)       A) and b) only
8.       True or false: there are no longer nuclear weapons on the Earth. _____
9.       Which of the following was not a Prime Minister during the Cold War?
a)       Diefenbaker
b)       Trudeau
c)       Mulrooney
d)       Paul Martin
Political Cartoon
 Make a Political Satire Cartoon

Get into groups of 3-4 of your choice.  In your group, you will create a political cartoon that either satirizes a) Hitler or Chamberlain's Policy of Appeasement.

b) the Cold War

c) modern political figure

d) topic of your choice approved by teacher

Satire ridicules and criticizes a subject through the use of folly, exaggeration, and/or incongruity.

Your political cartoon must be clear, creative, and demonstrate an understanding of events associated with the time period of your choice.

The political cartoon must be completed during the class of Wednesday, December 15.  You will have the entire period to work on it.

This week:
 -overdue: 1920’s q’s; Depression questions

-p.114 #1(a); p.116 #3; p.117 #5-6; p.120 #7; p.121 #9-10; p.123 #11-12; p.124 #13, 14 (a); p.126: How do you think people felt about going to war in 1939? & p.128 #1

quiz review
Depression Quiz Review:
-Difference between 30’s and 20’s
-why was it called the ‘dirty 30’s
-terms: depression, recession, boom, bust, double-dip recession, bad credit, ways to avoid getting into debt, corporal punishment, stock market crash, union
-Aboriginal Peoples during the Depression
-Black Tuesday
-Dust Bowl
Today's in-class work (text)
 p. 77 #2, 4 & 5
p.95 #1 (a) (bonus marks for (b)-(d) 
p.97 #1-2
"mechanics" refers to grammar and communicatin skills. When submitting work, remember that spelling and grammar do affect comprehension (and your mark!). Incerrek spulling and gramma often make riting un-derstand-ible! The Spell checker will help, but remember that it is not perfect! You will still need to proofread you work. (See? Spellchecker did not catch the you that should be "your" right there)... 
 Yesterday in class we learned about the "Dirty 30's" and The Great Depression. It is important for students to know what caused the Depression, when it happened and how long it lasted, as well as the terms: recession, boom, bust, double-dip recession. Students need to ensure they have the 1930's handouts from yesterday's class and be mindful that the 3 questions on the Depression (out of 6 marks) were distributed yesterday and are due Monday.
catch up
Hey folks, FYI, we are 3 days behind scheduel so I will be modifying due dates accordingly. The class did an open book quiz today and were given in-class work on the 1920's. The class has been working particularily well the last few days and has earned some PAT points.
Half way through term 1 of semester 1
I look forward to the rest of the course and I look forward to teaching you all again in subsequent courses that I also teach. I usually teach English here at STA but I am excited to be teaching this course as I do have a History degree and do love history.  Dear PARENTS: If your son/daughter is finding the course boring let me know and I'll see if I can spark their interest one on one. I've got various tricks I can use. And of course suggestions/feedback is always welcome too. THANKS. -Mr.D-
Test Review
Test Review for Monday CH2P
-3 things that interrupted class in the 20th century
-oil spill
-Ch.1 WWI:
                -cause of war
                -Why did Canada have to enter the war
                -Describe one of the battles
                -how did the war end?
                -question on technology’s effect on Canadian society in the 20th century.
This month we have covered the technology unit and the WWI unit.
Upcoming units: The Roaring 20's, The Depression, WWII, Cold War 
A reminder to PARENTS: if you need to contact the teacher with any comments or questions please e-mail Rob.D'
class note
CH2P notes
-April-August 1915 WWI
-British/French/Canada/Australia v. Ottoman Empire (Centuries old).  We lost.
-began with naval battle
-battle in Egypt
-battle of Helles landing
-Winston Churchill believed that the failure may have accelerated the genocide of US population within Ottoman Empire
                -bad sanitation
                -130,784 died (261,554 wounded)
-Historical Inaccuracies of film:
-main characters= fictional
-legal age was 18 not 21
                -exaggeration (as the case with most historical films such as Titanic, Saving Private Ryan, 13 Days, Hunt For Red October, World Trade Centre, Troy (etc) (i.e. “artistic license”)
-Historical accuracy in film:
                -mistakes of British (but also Australians)
                -social attitudes/conditions of trenches and setting
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